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  • 10:04 AM, Friday, 03 Dec 2021

Department of Humanities


Space Economics and Policy

The goal of the course is to introduce the student to an emerging area called space economics and particularly to provide her/him with the basic theoretical and empirical inputs to evaluate the direct and indirect benefits & Public good nature of space program in the changing Indian and global context. Also, the course envisages inculcating a broader understanding of the global context of space industry and space policy, the role of innovations, methodological challenges and cost benefit of space program & approaches and future of space business, industry and application services.

(Faculty: Dr. V K Dadhwal, Dr. Shaijumon C S )



Climate Economics and Vulnerability studies

Area focuses on the economic impacts of climate changes on economic development and livelihood of the people. The studies also focus on the relationships between climate variability and economic vulnerability.

(Faculty: Dr. Shaijumon C S )



International Trade Distortions

Area focuses on the studies related to the impact of trade distorting measures such as Technical Barriers to Trade (TBTs), sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS), quotas, exports restrictions, distribution restrictions etc to international trade.

(Faculty: Dr. Shaijumon C S )



English Language Teaching (Communication Skills)

English being the language of globalization is strongly linked to modernization and development. Research in English language teaching puts emphasis on the key skills like, listening, speaking reading and writing through intensive language training programmes. It will look into the theories of language learning and teaching.

(Faculty: Dr. Babitha Justin, Dr. Gigy J. Alex)



Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a literary genre that deals with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals. With the advent of space travel, human visits to moon, cloning, and other feats achieved by the technological advancements, the significance of science fiction advanced like anything. Discussions of Utopias, Dystopias, Soft SF, Hard SF, Time Travel, Women in SF, Cybernetics and SF, Issues of gender, ecology, language, power, genetic engineering, imaginative literature, and major techniques dealt with SF are also included.

(Faculty: Dr.Gigy J. Alex)



Black American and Native American Literature

Major themes shared by Black American and Native American authors will be analyzed. Comparisons based on special areas like genre, gender, nation, culture, etc will be analyzed.

(Faculty: Dr.Gigy J. Alex)



Travel Writing

A contemporary genre which came into the ambit of Culture Studies in the 80s which analyses travel writing, travel photography, mediations between the east and west, perceptions on class; gender, race, etc.

(Faculty: Dr. Babitha Justin )



Gender Studies

It will look at the sociological manifestations of gender in literature cinema and social culture. The researcher has to look at this area from an objective perspective to analyze how identity is constructed and sometimes mutilated in various social texts. It will look at the concepts of gender identity and gendered representation.

(Faculty: Dr. Babitha Justin, Dr.Gigy J. Alex)



Visual Communications

The reflection of society in contemporary digital, print, graphic, and other visual media are the main thrusts of this area. Visual Communications deals with the presentation of images and study the personal, historical, technical, ethical, cultural, and critical perspectives.

(Faculty: Dr. Babitha Justin)



Culture Studies

It is an interdisciplinary field that is engaged in the cultural analysis of any text that includes films, photographs or, any other meaningful artifacts of culture. It has evolved through the convergence of various other disciplines like anthropology, literary studies, sociology, literary studies, etc.

(Faculty: Dr. Babitha Justin , Dr.Gigy J. Alex)



Tourism and Its Socio-cultural Impact

Tourism development and cultural studies are part of sociology from many angles. Here tourism is studied from economic and cultural perspective and also studied from the perspective of social change.

(Faculty: Dr. Lekshmi V Nair)



Science, Technology and Society

It analyse how technological revolution affects society, the daily life in time allocation patterns, in the choice of social functions, in the transmittal of cultural values, and in overall human behavior.

(Faculty: Dr. Lekshmi V Nair)



Social Surveys

Social Surveys about social problems, need assessment surveys and to understand the finer fabric of society is undertaken.

(Faculty: Dr. Lekshmi V Nair)



Problems of Marginalized Communities like women, fishermen, slum dwellers, etc,

As the objective of development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy a productive, healthy, and creative life, it is important to address the issue of marginalization. Development is always broadly conceived in terms of mass participation. Marginalization deprives a large majority of people across the globe from participating in the development. It is a complex problem, and there are many factors that cause marginalization. This complex and serious problem need to be addressed at the policy level. This project deals with the problems associated with the groups suffering from marginalization and the ways to reduce them.

(Faculty: Dr. Lekshmi V Nair )




A peep into the lives of elderly gives way to a gory picture rather than a rosy one. Half the elderly population in the country faces abuse and face problems of various kinds. Studies have been done to analyse the problem in depth and suggest changes.

(Faculty: Dr. Lekshmi V Nair)



Technology Diffusion and Economic Development

Research related to this area focuses on the impact of technology diffusion in economic development. This includes problems of adaptability & accessibility of technologies, role of institutions in technology diffusion, socio-economic implications of adoption of technology, space technology diffusion and development etc.

(Faculty: Dr. C S Shaijumon)



Development Economics

Economics of developing world, poverty and inequality, Resource economics, growth and development, planning, budgeting etc.

(Faculty: Dr. C S Shaijumon)



Indian Economy

Post independent India, economic models, trade with other countries, Indian agriculture sector, center state relations, budget, monetary system, services sector, neo-liberal reforms, global crisis, and Kerala economy.

(Faculty: Dr. C S Shaijumon)



Macro Economics

Macro models, post-Keynesian system, global institutions like IMF, World Bank, WTO, BRICS, multi polar macroeconomic system.

(Faculty: Dr. C S Shaijumon)



Supply chain management

A supply chain consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly in fulfilling the requests of customers. Supply chain activities cover aspects from product development, sourcing, production, logistics, etc., as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities. Research areas of study in department includes green supply chain, resilient supply chains, sustainable supply chains, close loop supply chain, reverse logistics, etc.

(Faculty: Dr. Ravi V)



Technology management

Technology management involves the application of management skills for the discovery, development, operation and proper use of technology for the benefit of mankind. Technology development on a continuous basis is useful as long as it provides value to a customer. Researches in technology management should be able to predict when it is feasible to invest on technology development and when to withdraw. Research areas of study in department include technology forecasting, technology strategy, technology roadmap, etc.

(Faculty: Dr. Ravi V)



New product development

New product development is the process of evolving a new product or service for the market. It is the preliminary step in product or service development and involves a number of steps that must be completed before the product can be introduced into the market. Improving and updating products is an ongoing task as the needs and requirements of customers’ changes on a continuous basis. Research areas of study in department include feasibility studies, product analysis, product design and development, marketing and commercialization of product.

(Faculty: Dr. Ravi V)