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  • 9:13 AM, Friday, 03 Dec 2021

Department of Physics

Applied and Adaptive Optics

The lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities in the areas of Adaptive Optics, Optical Imaging, Polarization Optics, Statistical Optics, Singular Optics, Interferometry and Ultrafast Optics. The lab provides excellent research opportunities to students. We collaborate with researchers in India and abroad.

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Atomic and Molecular Physics laboratory is a laboratory for research in the field of mass spectrometry. Various advanced and state of the art instruments are developed in house and a capacity is built to design develop, test and use such instruments. A tunable nano second laser is used for studying photo dissociation of molecules of astronomical and biological interest using ion-neutral coincidence setup. In a separate instrument an electron gun is used to ionise molecules of interest and measure their resulting mass spectra as a function of the emitted electron energy.

Computational Physics

Computational physics laboratory is mainly concerned with performing numerical calculations and simulations for solving physical problems.The courses that run from the laboratory are for B. Tech. engineering physics, M. Tech. optical engineering, M. Tech. solid state technology and Ph. D. students. Monte-Carlo simulation, Ising model, optical design, quantum scattering, time series analysis etc. are taught in the courses.

General Physics

The General Physics Lab is a teaching lab catering to freshers joining the three B. Tech programmes offered by the institute. The lab has a set of experiments mainly in the areas of mechanics, wave mechanics, eletricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics. A set of ten to eleven expermients form the lab course taken by every first year student in the B. Tech programme.

Modern Physics

Modern Physics Laboratory is established as a part of B. Tech. Engineering Physics curriculum for third year students. 10 advanced experiments in spectroscopy, radiation detection, microwave detection, etc. are offered in each course. Student are given freedom to improvise as well as innovate on the existing instruments. Several general purpose equipment are kept in stock for students to design their own experiments.


The optics lab is for B.Tech engineering physics. We have regularly ten experiments in every semester. These experiments are based on basic wave and geometrical optics. Some of these experiments are related to modern optics. In this lab we also train Master of Science - optical engineering students in advanced optical experiments.

Solid State Physics

The solid state physics lab at IIST is mainly for the B.Tech engineering physics and for the Master of Science - solid state physics programmes offered by IIST. The lab is equiped with experimental set ups related to electrical and magnetic measurements, various spectroscopy studies like electron and nuclear spring resonance spectrosopy, absorption spectroscopy etc, x-ray diffration and x-ray fluorecense studies and experiments related to super conductivity to cater solid state physics programmes under the department.

Solid State Technology

The solid state technology lab at IIST carries out experiments mainly related to growth of nano structures and thin films and their characterization related to electrical and magnetic properties.