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  • 9:10 AM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Department of Aerospace Engineering

  • To be a center for learning and innovation in Aerospace Engineering, igniting in students the spark to explore the unknown and contributing at national and global level
  • Provide excellent teaching and research environment for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students conducive for critical thinking in the areas of aerospace engineering
  • Equip the students with the capacity to acquire integrated systems engineering approach, leading to innovative thinking for smart solutions in the areas of aerospace technology
  • Strive to create a longstanding synergy between the society, industry and other peer institutions to collectively address the nation’s technological needs
  • Instill a deep sense of commitment to accept and overcome technological challenges, thereby nurturing future leaders of tomorrow

Department of Aerospace in IIST was established in 2007 and offers undergraduate (B.Tech) programme in Aerospace Engineering, Masters (M.Tech) Programmes in (a) Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics (b) Thermal and Propulsion and (c) Structures and Design.

The department focuses on high quality education at international standard in Aerospace Engineering, well grounded in the fundamental principles of engineering, in order to inspire and prepare the students for leadership positions with the understanding of the strategic value of their work so that they can effectively participate in the development and operation of the aerospace industries and achieve successful careers.

Department of aerospace is also keen to conduct and promote scientific research and its application for the advancement of aerospace industry, disseminate new knowledge through research outputs in various forms such as dissertations/publications etc. Department regularly provides a wide opportunity for motivated scholars to join doctoral research programs in various sub-disciplines of Aerospace/Mechanical engineering related problems. Department highly promotes IIST-ISRO collaborative research initiatives in various capacities to contribute positively in Indian Space programs.

Graduates of Aerospace Engineering are equipped to undertake challenging work in the Aerospace Engineering Industry, on crucial aspects like propulsion systems, aerodynamic design, structural systems, precision manufacturing, etc. Most of our graduates in previous years got inducted in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and are successfully contributing to the national space programme. Having undergone most courses an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering graduate would, there may be opportunities in various industrial/R&D sectors outside ISRO as well.

Aerospace Engineering deals with design and development of aircrafts, launch vehicles, and spacecrafts. In comparison with ground based systems, stringent requirements of optimality and reliability are of paramount importance in such systems. This necessitates accurate theoretical and experimental analysis of a variety of phenomena, and performance predictions of a variety of complex systems. To cater the above learning experience, department of Aerospace Engineering at IIST focuses on four broad sub-disciplines (a) Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics, (b) Thermal and Propulsion, (c) Design and Structures, and (d) Materials, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering. Faculty members with specialized research experience in the aforementioned disciplines, along with competent technical staff are available in the department to meet the said objectives.

Since we believe that engineering education is incomplete without exposure to real life phenomena and without developing the ability to experimentally investigate the performance of actual systems, department of aerospace engineering at IIST is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. The practical exposure starting from basic engineering/workshop practices in first semester to specialized aerospace vehicle design course in last semester will provide a true value added learning platform for a graduate from Aerospace department of IIST. Theoretical/practical oriented leaning experience in fundamental courses such as Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Machine elements and drawing, Materials Science etc., and applied courses such as Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics, Propulsion, Atmospheric & Spaceflight Mechanics, Applied Dynamics, Theory of Elasticity, Aerospace Structures, Modelling & Analysis, Manufacturing Processes etc., with additional elective choices, will be the speciality of a graduate from this department. Further, the Masters level Programme would impart rigorous foundations and in-depth knowledge transfer through advanced engineering courses/electives in the respective disciplines mentioned above.

UG/PG/PhD Students in Aerospace Department of IIST get inspiring opportunity to be a part of various IIST-ISRO collaborative projects and institute level space activates. Our students are contributing significantly to various small satellite and payload development activities undertaken at Institute level.

From the year 2013, toppers of B. Tech Aerospace Engineering at IIST have been provided a unique opportunity to pursue their MS degree in Graduate Aerospace Laboratories (GALCIT) of California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), under Satish Dhawan Fellowship. Considering the exemplary academic performance at CALTECH, some of them were received the Abdul Kalam Prize at CalTech. In addition, some of the Aerospace

In addition, undergraduate students in Aerospace Department have opportunities to perform their final year projects/summer internships at various foreign universities. In previous years, selected students could complete their final year projects in University of Texas, USA (under USRA-IIST summer research programme) and sponsored internships at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA and University of Alberta, Canada.