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  • 8:43 PM, Sunday, 07 Mar 2021

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering deals with design and development of aircrafts, launch vehicles, and spacecrafts. Unlike most traditional ground based systems, optimality and reliability are of paramount importance in such systems. This necessitates accurate theoretical and experimental analysis of a variety of phenomena, and performance predictions of a variety of complex systems. Aerospace Engineering is the discipline which is closest to what is popularly known as “Rocket Science”.

Four broad sub-disciplines under Aerospace Engineering are (a) Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics, (b) Thermal and Propulsion, (c) Design and Structures, and (d) Materials and Manufacturing. Faculty Members of Aerospace Engineering at IIST are graduates of reputed Institutions. They are supported by experienced and competent technical staff. Aerospace Engineering Department has set up several laboratories including instructional and research labs. We believe that engineering education is incomplete without exposure to real life phenomena and without developing the ability to experimentally investigate the performance of actual systems.

The department offers one BTech, three MTech, and PhD programmes. At the BTech level we teach basic courses like Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Materials Science, and applied courses like Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics, Propulsion, Atmospheric and Spaceflight Mechanics, Theory of Machines, Aerospace Structures, and Manufacturing Processes. M.Tech. course would impart rigorous foundations and in depth knowledge through more advanced courses. Currently the department is offering three MTech programmes, viz., Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics, Thermal and Propulsion, and Structures and Design. PhD scholars are engaged in solving open problems, contributing to the growth of knowledge in Aerospace Engineering and related areas.

Graduates of Aerospace Engineering are equipped to undertake challenging work in the Aerospace Engineering Industry, on crucial aspects like propulsion systems, aerodynamic design, structural systems, precision manufacturing, etc. Most of them would join the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and contribute to the national space programme. They could also take up jobs outside ISRO, in entities like HAL, DRDOs, and ancillary industries related to the Aerospace sector. Having undergone most courses a Mechanical Engineering graduate would, they can also take up jobs in the automotive sector, Power sector, Manufacturing sector, R&D organizations, etc.