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  • 9:07 AM, Friday, 03 Dec 2021

Advanced Space Research Group (ASRG)

An Advanced Space Research Group (ASRG) headed by Chief Technology Officer (CTO), IIST has been established for all collaborative research activities of IIST with all R&D centres of ISRO. ASRG will ensure smooth coordination and oversee effective implementation of ISRO-IIST joint research activities. An Empowered Overseeing Committee (EOC) which comprises of members from all research centres of ISRO is the apex body to ASRG. EOC will review and decide on all actions related to the activities of ASRG to ensure smooth functioning of the joint research activities. IIST Link Unit at ISRO Centres is also established to have effective coordination of the joint research programmes. The link unit at each Centre is headed by the member representing that Centre in EOC and is supported by a committee identified by the Centre Director. This unit functions as a single window agency for all joint research programmes with IIST for providing the necessary inputs and also for ensuring the smooth coordination. Currently Dr. Y V N Krishna Murthy, Sr. Professor & Registrar, IIST is the Chairman of EOC and Dr. G Ayyappan, is the Chief Technology Officer & Chairman of ASRG.

Terms of reference of ASRG:
  • To discuss and identify the joint research programmes in consultation with ISRO link Units, in order to meet the short, mid and long term needs of ISRO, as per the research interests of faculty and infrastructural & intellectual capability available at IST.
  • To review the identified joint research proposals, and to provide the necessary support and guidance for preparing the detailed reports highlighting the definition of the exact problem, deliverables, timelines envisaged, and all other associated matters.
  • To review the programme status periodically and provide techno managerial guidance at peer level to complete the activities on schedule.
Terms of reference of EOC:
  • To review and decide appropriate actions on all the proposals submitted by ASRG To decide and classify the proposal as short or mid or long term project depending on the nature of the proposal and the timeframe involved.
  • To monitor the progress periodically and course-correct the joint research programmes
  • To discuss and decide on all matters related to resources from IIST and ISRO centres.
  • To organise the review of all joint research programmes periodically at least once in three months with concerned experts from IIST, ISRO centres/units and other experts wherever essential.
For more details, please contact,

Dr. Ayyappan G

Chairman, ASRG


Dr. Shine S R

Member Secretary, ASRG