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  • 1:23 AM, Tuesday, 26 May 2020

# Members  
1 Director, IIST Chairperson
2 Deans, IIST Members
3 Heads of the Departments, IIST Members
4 Professors, IIST Members
5 Prof. K Sudhakar, Former Professor,Aerospace Engineering Dept., IIT Bombay,Mumbai Member
6 Prof. K R Ramakrishnan, ElectricalEngineering Dept., IISc Bangalore Member
7 Dr. A Ajayaghosh, Director, NIIST,Trivandrum Member
8 Dr. Anilkumar CV, Professor, IIST Member
9 Dr. B S Manoj, Professor, IIST Member
10 Dr. Gnanappazham L, Associate Professor, IIST Member
11 Dr. S Anup, Associate Professor, IIST Member
12 Three persons who are not members of the teaching staff, co-opted by the Academic Council for their specialized knowledge Names of these three members will be decided in the next Academic Council meeting
13 Dr. A Chandrasekar, Registrar, IIST Member Secretary