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  • 9:14 PM, Wednesday, 04 Aug 2021

# Members 
1   Director, IIST Chairperson
2 Nominees of Sponsoring Society Additional Secretary, Department of Space
Scientific Secretary, ISRO
Director, LPSC
Director, NRSC
3 Nominees of Chancellor ,IIST Director, IIT Kharagpur
Director, IIT Madras
Director, NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram
4 Representative of Department of Space Dr. Anil Bharadwaj, Director, PRL,Ahmedabad Member
5 Deans of the Institute (by rotation on seniority ) Dr. A Chandrasekar
Dean (Academics & CE, IIST)
Dr. Kuruvilla Joseph
6 Two Faculty (from Senior Professors,Professors,Associate Professors )by rotation based on seniority Dr. C.S. Narayanamurthy, Senior Professor
Department of Physics, IIST
Dr. Nirmala Rachel James, Professor
Department of Chemistry, IIST
7 One faculty by rotation of the rank of Assistant Professor(by rotation) Dr. Harsha Simha M S, Assistant Professor, Department of Avionics, IIST
Dr. C S Anoop, Assistant Professor, Department of Avionics, IIST
8   Registrar, IIST Secretary