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  • 10:01 PM, Tuesday, 18 Jan 2022

Undergraduate Admissions and General Frequently Asked Questions

A. Admission to IIST :

Question: How does one clarify doubts regarding the admission procedure?
Answer: Candidates are requested to read the Information Brochure for IIST UG Admission carefully and send their queries via email to Our Admission Team will respond at the earliest.

Question: Is admission to IIST through JOSAA?
Answer: No, admission to IIST is through the IIST Online Admission Portal ( ONLY. Candidates have to register online if they are desirous for admission to IIST.

Question: Is it required for the candidate to report at any centre for certificate verification?
Answer: No. Certificate verification will be done online. At any stage, after acceptance of the seat, if any discrepancy is noticed then the admission will stand cancelled.


B. Reservation of Seats:

Question: Is change of category from that entered for JEE (Advanced) 2021 Examination allowed?
Answer: No. The category of a candidate as entered in the JEE (Advanced) 2021 database will be final and remain the same for IIST Registration and IIST Rank List. Requests for change of category will NOT be entertained.

Question: Is there any reservation category for NRIs?
Answer: No, there is no reservation for NRIs.

Question: Are there seats reserved under Management Quota?
Answer: No, there is no Management Quota in IIST.


C. Admission Procedure:

Question: Who can register online?
Answer: Candidates who have appeared for JEE (Advanced)-2021 Examinations and those who satisfy the eligibility criteria specified in the Information Brochure can register. Registration will be complete ONLY after payment of Registration Fee.

Question: Is it required to fill in all the three branches in order of preferences during the time of registration?
Answer: No, the candidates, during the time of registration, need to fill in only for those branches that they interested and hence there is no need to mandatorily fill in all the three branches in order of preferences.

Question: What is the IIST Rank List?
Answer: IIST will publish category-wise Admission Rank List of eligible candidates who have successfully registered and paid the Registration Fee. Registered candidates will be required to login to the online admission portal to access their respective ranks.

Question: Can the candidate appear in more than one category in the Rank List?
Answer: Yes, depending on the candidate’s category, his/her name can appear under one or more categories in the Rank List.

Question: What are the FREEZE and the SLIDE options for Seat Acceptance?
FREEZE: Candidate is content with the allocated seat, accepts it (by paying the First Semester Fee) and is not interested in participating in further rounds of seat allocation. This candidate will NOT be considered in subsequent rounds of seat allotment.
SLIDE: Candidates accepts the offered seat (by paying the First Semester Fee); however, wishes to be considered for his/her higher preference choice in subsequent rounds. This candidate will be considered in subsequent rounds of seat allotment.

Question: What is the meaning of RE-VALIDATE Registration?
Answer: On specified dates, candidates whose names appear in the Waiting List are required to RE-VALIDATE their Registration if they wish to be considered for subsequent rounds of Seat Allotment. Candidates who fail to RE-VALIDATE shall NOT be considered for further rounds of seat allotment and admission to IIST UG Programmes.

Question: Can First Semester Fee be paid during time of joining IIST?
Answer: No, candidates have to accept the allotted seat by paying the First Semester Fee on dates specified. Failure to pay within the specified dates will lead to CANCELLATION of the allotted seat.


D. Joining IIST:

Question: Is the date for joining IIST flexible?
Answer: No, candidates have to report to IIST and complete the joining formalities as per specified dates. Online or in person joining will be notified in advance based on the prevailing pandemic situation.
Question: Is it mandatory for a parent to be present during the time of joining IIST?
Answer: Yes, it is mandatory for at least one parent to be present at the time of joining IIST (online through video or in person).
Question: Is it mandatory for the admitted student to attend the Induction Programme?
Answer: Yes, it is mandatory for the admitted student to attend the Induction Programme. No requests for waiver will be entertained.


E. Academics:

Question: Whether a student joining for a Dual Degree program, can exit and leave the institute in 4 years with a four year B. Tech degree in Engineering Physics?
Answer: Students who join for the Dual Degree program cannot exit and leave the institute in 4 years with a four year B. Tech degree in Engineering Physics. However, based on academic performance, Director, IIST, has the discretion not to promote students with unsatisfactory performance to the Masters’ level. These students may be allowed to exit with a B. Tech degree in Engineering Physics subject to them meeting the specified norms that have been approved by the Board of Management of IIST.

Question: Has the institute implemented Choice Based Credit System for UG students?
Answer: The institute has implemented the Choice Based Credit System for UG students since July 2018. The parent department shall stipulate the mandatory core courses and mandatory elective courses that a student has to compulsorily register from their own department. The student shall be permitted to either register for the remaining course requirement from a course offered by one of the sister departments, subject to the student meeting the prerequisite that the above course entails or the student can register for any course offered by the parent department itself.

Question: Does the institute provide an Auditing Option to the UG student? What are the guidelines for auditing a course?
Answer: The institute does provide the Auditing Option to a UG student which has been implemented since July 2018. The following provide a few salient points related to auditing a course:
1. A student can only audit two courses during his/her entire period of stay at IIST.
2. The student will require a minimum attendance requirement of 80% similar to the credited course.
3. The student will have to take all the quizzes together with any class tests and need to submit class assignments similar to a credit course. The student however is exempted from writing the end semester examinations.
4. There is no grade awarded for the audited course. Hence the audited course does not carry any grade points and therefore the audited course does not figure in GPA/CGPA calculations.
5. Prior written permission of the course instructor who is offering the course and approval from the concerned Head of Department is required to ′audit′ any course.
6. If the auditing course requires any pre-requisite, the student needs to meet the above.
7. The course instructor shall determine whether the student has successfully completed the audit requirements and intimate the Academics section.
8. The course successfully completed by the student in Audit mode will be reflected in the Student's Semester Grade Report and the Student's Transcript as Audit Course.



Question: Does the campus have proper security in place?
Answer: Yes, IIST campus has 24 x 7 security in place.

Question: Are there separate hostels for girls?
Answer: Yes, there are separate hostels for girls and boys.

Question: Is the hostel accommodation single or shared?
Answer: For the UG students, institute offers shared accommodation.

Question: Can parents/relatives get accommodation in the campus when they visit their wards?
Answer: No, there is no provision of accommodation inside the campus.

Question: Are there accommodation options available near IIST when parents/relatives visit?
Answer: Yes, there are hotels in the nearby township of Nedumangad (around 10 kms from IIST).

Question: Is there availability of washing machines/laundry at the hostel?
Answer: Private laundry facility is available on payment basis.

Question: Is there vegetarian food available in the mess?
Answer: Food served in the institute mess includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Question: Are there rotis/chappatis (north Indian menu) available in mess?
Answer: Food served in the institute mess has north Indian options including roti/chappati.

Question: Does the institute provide bus services for students to visit the city during weekends?
Answer: Yes, bus service to Trivandrum via Nedumangad is provided during weekends.

Question: Whether ATM and bank services available in the campus?
Answer: Yes, Union Bank of India, Valiamala Branch is located inside IIST campus alongwith ATM facility.

Question: Whether service of medical officer and counsellor are available in the campus?
Answer: IIST has a Health Centre inside the campus where doctors and counsellor are available.

Question: How to reach IIST campus from Trivandrum railway station and Trivandrum airport?
Answer: Frequent buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws are available from both places to IIST. Please visit for direction and other details.

Question: What provision exists for students to play sports, participate in recreational activities and be active in various clubs within the campus?
Answer: IIST provides various sports facilities like football/cricket grounds and basket ball/ badminton courts. Gymnasium and other indoor games facilities are also available. A full-fledged student activity centre with several indoor game facilities, gymnasium, etc is also present in the campus.

Question: What are the various student driven fests?
Answer: Students make the campus lively and vibrant with the organization of events like Dhanak – IIST’s Annual Cultural Fest, Conscientia – IIST’s Annual Astronomy & Technical Fest, Konchords – Students Musical Extravangaza, etc.