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  • 3:59 PM, Sunday, 26 Sep 2021

S No. Project Title Category PI Co-PI Status
1 Design and Development of NavIC receiver MoES Dr. Priyadarshnam, Dr. Sheeba Rani J, Dr. Lakshminarayanan Ongoing
2 Development of Low-cost, Low Power, High-Performance Sensor Array on Flexible Substrate with Integrated Optical Source to Measure the Emission of Green House Gases: Applications towards Agriculture and Aquaculture including Harsh Environment. Department of Biotechnology Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Dr.Priyadarshanam Ongoing
3 ADCS test setup for spacecraft docking system using quadcopters IIST/ISRO Dr. Harsha Simha M. S, Dr. Priyadarshnam Dr. Pankaj Priyadarshi, VSSC Ongoing
4 Research and Development of an Integrated Enterprise Network Security System IIST/ISRO Dr. B. S. Manoj B. Thanudas, VSSC, Trivandrum Ongoing
5 Control Design Strategy for Systems with structured uncertainty IIST Dr Rajesh Joseph Abraham Mr. Anish Antony, VSSC Ongoing
6 Development of Control Design strategy for Coupled MIMO systems for ORV IIST Dr Rajesh Joseph Abraham Mr. Kapil Kumar Sharma, VSSC Ongoing
7 Development of a low complexity modulated wideband converter for sub-Nyquist wideband spectrum sensing IIST-Fasttrack Dr. S. Chris Prema Ongoing
8 Triband (S/X/Ka) Monopulse Auto Tracking Feed for LEO satellites IIST/ISRO Dr. Basudeb Ghosh and Dr. Chinmoy Saha T Naga Sekhar , G Baig and Sandip Sankar Roy Ongoing
9 Decoder for CCSDS Recommended Turbo Codes IIST/ISRO Dr. R Lakshmi Narayanan Sri Thirupathirajan Sankaralingam Ongoing
10 Pervasive computing for disaster response IIST Dr. BS Manoj Ongoing
11 Wireless ReLoD - Wireless Reliable, Low Latency Networks for IIoT and FieldBus replacement SERB-DST Dr. Vineeth B S Ongoing
12 Design of a Transmitter with Integrated Power Amplifier (PA) for Millimeter-wave 5G Bands in 65nm CMOS SERB-DST Dr.Immanuel Raja Ongoing
13 SERB Extra Mural Research Funding SERB-DST Dr. Seena V Ongoing
14 Development of MEMS Accelerometer with Ultra-Sensitive Transductions for Space Applications IIST/ISRO Dr. Seena V Ongoing
15 Design of On-Chip Passives for Millimeter-wave (Ka-band) Circuits IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Immanuel Raja Ongoing
16 Design and Analysis of passive and active optical waveguides for optical interconnects IIST Dr. Sooraj R Ongoing
17 Design of Autonomous walking Humanoid Robot IIST Sam Zachariah Ongoing
18 Indigenous human health care development in Space IIST/ISRO Dr. N Selvaganesan Dr.Vanidevi and Dr.Deepak TG Ongoing
19 Pervasive computing for disaster response IIST Dr. BS Manoj Ongoing
20 IIST Small Satellite (Ahan) IIST Dr. Priydarshan, Dr. Harsha Simha M. S All PIs of satellite team Ongoing
21 Mars Orbiter Mission-2 payload proposal titled Advanced Retarding Potential Analyzer for Martian Ionospheric Studies (ARIS) IIST/ISRO Dr. KM Ambili (ESS) Dr. R. Sudharshan Kaarthik, Dr. Anoop CS, Dr. Rajeecan PP Ongoing
22 Subsystems for InspireSat1 IIST Dr. Priydarshan Dr. Harsha Simha M. S, Dr. Sudarshan K, Dr. Raveendranath P Ongoing
23 Development of Real-Time Gas Sensor Array to Monitor Critical Gases in Crew Module for Human Space Mission. IIST/ISRO Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Mr.Sreejith,HSFC Ongoing
24 Optimal Scheduling and Routing of Packets over Delay Tolerant Hierarchical Interplanetary networks IIST Dr. B. S. Manoj Dr. Vineeth B. S Ongoing
25 Investigation, Design, and Implementation of Multifunctional 5G Antenna Systems for Cognitive Radio and mm-Wave Applications DST Dr. Chinmoy Saha Ongoing
26 Indigenous design and development of reaction wheel actuator systems for small satellites IIST/ISRO Dr. Priyadarshnam Dr. Harsha Simha M. S Ongoing
27 Investigating the Nanomaterial Based Exosome Sensor for Cancer Prognostic: An Approach towards Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Department of Biotechnology Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Dr. Suparna Sengupta, RGCB Ongoing
28 LOC approaches for Separation and analysis of Exosome Derived Biomarkers for Cancer Prognostics DST Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Principal Investigator and Directrice de Recherche CNRS.LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France), Dr. Wilfrid Boireau, ( CO-Principal Investigator and Directeur de Recherche CNRS, FEMTO-ST, Besançon, France) Ongoing
29 Development and Analysis of Image Fusion Techniques for Satellite Images IIST Dr. Deepak Mishra Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Ongoing
30 Object Based High Resolution Image Analysis for the Land Slide and Land Use Land Cover Classification’ IIST/ISRO Dr. Deepak Mishra, Dr. Tapas Martha Dr. RamaRao Completed
31 Design and Development of Brushless DC Motor IIST/ISRO Dr. N.Selvaganeshan Shri M N Namboothiripad and Pradeep Kumar, VSSC,Trivandrum Completed
32 Developing of Virtual reality model for disaster simulation IIST Dr. Deepak Mishra Completed
33 Flash ADC Design- IIST-SCL collaboration Project IIST/ISRO Dr. Sheebarani Dr. H.S.Jatana Completed
34 Design and Development of High Performance Hydrogen Sensor for IPRC, Mahendragiri IIST/ISRO Dr. PK Basu Shri Basu Alaguvelu IPRC, Mahendragiri Completed
35 ASIC Design-SAR ADC IIST/ISRO Dr. Sheebarani Dr. H.S.Jatana, Mr.Mohammed Aseem Completed
36 Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Based RF Transistor IIST/ISRO Dr. PK Basu Shri Apurba Bhattacharya, SAC, Ahmedabad Completed
37 High Performance SAR ADC with autocalibration and correction for sensor closed loop applications IIST Dr. Immanuel Raja Mrs. Rekha & Mr. Raghunath, IISU Completed
38 RapidMAC: Development of a rapid prototyping software for multiple access protocols IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Vineeth B S Completed
39 Design, Modelling and Implementation of deep neural networks for automatic landslide detection and susceptibility mapping Dr. Deepak Mishra Completed
40 Design and Implementation of a Compact Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna. IIST/ISRO Dr. Chinmoy Saha Mr. KK Mukundan Completed
41 Study of Switching Topologies and Control Schemes for isolated DC-DC Power Converters IIST/ISRO Dr. Anindya Dasgupta Smt. Sajitha G, VSSC,Trivandrum Completed
42 IIST Mesh Net: A Programmable Hybrid Wireless Mesh Network Testbed IIST Dr. BS Manoj Completed
43 Decoupled Control Scheme for Dual Permanent Magnet Machine Actuators IIST Dr. R. Sudharshan Karthik Completed
44 Autonomous Landing System with Ground Penetrating Radar IIST Dr. S Chris Prema Dr. Thomas Kurian Completed
45 Real time algorithms for track estimation for Multiobject Tracking Radar IIST/ISRO Dr. Vineeth B S Dr. Sai Gorthi Completed
46 Design and Implementation of Helmet Antennas IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Basudeb Ghosh Completed
47 Modelling and controller design for micro actuators IIST/ISRO Dr. N.Selvaganesan Mr.D.Venkittaraman / Mr.Raji George / Mr.Rajesh Ravi (LPSC) Completed
48 Indo-US collaborative Research on Pervasive Computing for Disaster Response IIST Dr. B. S. Manoj Completed
49 A Study on the Effects of ionospheric variabilities on the usability of NavIC/GAGAN Using observations and models IIST/ISRO Dr. Priyadarshnam Dr. Ambili K. M, VSSC, Dr. Rajat Acharaya, SAC, Ahmedabad Completed
50 Development of Tactile Sensor for Under Actuated Robotic Hand IIST/ISRO Dr. Priyadarshnam and Dr. Harsha Simha Biju Prasad, VSSC Closed
51 Mirror Satellite for AAReST IIST Dr. Priydadarshnam, Dr. Harsha Simha M. S All PIs of satellite team Closed
52 MICRONet – Mobile Infrastructure for Coastal Region Offshore Communications & Networks IIST/ISRO Dr. B. S. Manoj Closed