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Department of Chemistry

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  • Prabhakaran K. Professor & Head
  • Room No: R 201/02, D2
  • Email: prabhakaran
  • Tel : +91-471-2568501
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  • Gomathi N. Associate Professor
  • Room No: R 311, D2
  • Email: gomathi
  • Tel : +91-471-2568552
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  • Jobin Cyriac Associate Professor
  • Room No: R 309, D2
  • Email: jobincyriac
  • Tel : +91-471-2568550
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  • Kuruvilla Joseph, Ph.D. Outstanding Professor and Dean (SA, SW & Outreach)
  • Room No: Admin/first floor
  • Email: kuruvilla
  • Tel : +91-471-2568633(D)
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  • Mary Gladis J. AssociateProfessor
  • Room No: R 301, D2
  • Email: marygladis
  • Tel : +91-471-2568533
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  • Nirmala Rachel James Professor
  • Room No: D2 - 216
  • Email: nirmala
  • Tel : +91-471-2568545
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  • Sandhya K.Y. Professor
  • Room No: R 310, D2
  • Email: sandhya
  • Tel : +91-471-2568551
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  • Shaiju S Nazeer, Ph.D. DBT-Ramalingaswami Faculty
  • Room No: R 305, D2
  • Email: shaijusnazeer
  • Tel :
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  • Sreejalekshmi K.G. Associate Professor
  • Room No: R 307, D2
  • Email: sreeja
  • Tel : +91-471-2568539
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Former Faculty Members

Dr. Mahesh S
Current Affiliation: Scientist, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) Thiruvananthapuram.

Dr.Honey John
Current Affiliation:Professor, Dept. of Polymer Science & Technology Kochi-682022, Kerala, INDIA.
Contact: Phone::91- 484 -2862376/2575723(O) mobile: +919446372997 , Fax: 0484-2577747

Departments - Chemistry - People - Research Scholars

#NameEmail IDResearch Area
1 Choudhary Yogesh Sanjay   CdTe quantum dots as a fluorescent probe for Analytes sensing.
2 Sanu Xavier   Design and development of materials for organic electronics
3 Saisree S   Design and Synthesis of Nitrogen doped Graphene Quantum Dot Based Nanofunctional Materials for Electrochemical Sensing Applications
4 Arya Nair J S   Design and synthesis of 2D nano structures and its potential in Sensing and Environmental Applications
5 Battula Durga Siva Deeraj   electrospun fiber reinforced epoxy composites
6 Ann Mary Tomy   Transition metal based nanomaterials for electrochemical applications
7 Sreekala   Development of Novel Materials as Cathode Additives for High Performance Lithium Sulfur Batteries.
8 Chithra R Nair   Organic Functional Materials.
9 Varsha M V   Heteroatom doped graphene based sensors
10 Govind Kuamr Sharma   Polymer composite for Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.
11 Basha Sathyan   Transition metal based Luminescent 2D materials.
#NameEmail IDResearch Area
1 Anil Painuly   Foam-Aerogel Hybrid Materials
2 Nisha Balachandran   Nanomaterials
3 Rakesh Krishnan P P   Gel Assisted Ceramics Forming
4 Aiswarya Samridh   Energy Storage Materials
5 Chithra A   Studies on Functional Carbon Aerogel for Space Applications
6 Sandhya G Nair

  Pre-ceramics Polymer for Oxide
7 Rekha Krishnan G   Ammonium per Chlorate Removal from Water by Adsorption

Masin   Ultralow Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics
9 Rakesh Ranjan   Thermal Storage Materials
10 Dilu Devarajan   Ionic Liquid based Explosives
11 Sreelekshmi K R   carbon materials from bio-waste and discarded plastics for space applications
Former Students
#NameEmail IDResearch Area
1 Remyamol T   Synthesis of polyaniline hybrids of Graphene/MWNT for photocurrent generation and optical limiting applications
2< Jalaja K   Electrospun nano fiber scaffolds based on natural polymers for biomedical applications
3 Kavitha M K   Tailoring the defects in ZnO and ZnO –Graphene hybrids for visible light photoconductivity and nonlinear absorption.
4 Sarika P R   Polysaccharide based nanomaterials for drug delivery applications
5 Raneesh Konnola   Toughened epoxy nano composites
6 Sarah Titus   Photocatalysis
7 Narasimman R   Carbon foams for high temperature applications
8 S. M. Y. Mohamed Mukthar Ali   Photocatalysis
9 Deepthi L Sivadas   Development of novel materials for carbon dioxide capture
10 Lavanya J   Plasma functionalized rapheme for biosensor applications
11 Sujith Vijayan   Novel powder processing methods for porous and dense alumina ceramics
12 Rakesh. R   Design and combinatorial synthesis of peptide based theranostic agents
13 Manjunatha Ganiga   Trace chemical detection using spectroscopic techniques
14 Aswathi R   Functional nano materials for energy and environmental applications.
15 Reshma C   Nano structured materials for energy storage applications
16 Devi Renuka K   Photo responsive self assembly
17 Meegle S Mathew   Biosensors
18 Neema P M   Chemical Sensing Applications of Luminescent MoS2 AND WS2BASED 2D Materials
19 Haritha   Strategies to Develop Materials for Lithium Storage in High-performance Lithium –Sulphur Batteries and Pseudocapacitors.
20 Praveen Wilson   Investigation on NaCI Particle Templating Method for the Preparation of Microcellular Carbon and Silicon Carbide Foams
21 Sujith Vijayan   Investigation on Novel Processing Method for Ceramic Foams



Departments - Chemistry - People - Master Students

Master's Students 2020
#NameEmail ID
1 Karthika Menon
2 Adarsh Jayagopal
3 Yogesh Durgaprasad  
4 Mittanosala Anil  
5 Vijith P  
6 Rejith R  
7 Rishabh Shrivastava  
Master's Students 2019
#NameEmail ID
1 Ramya P R  
2 Vishnu R  
3 Isaac Sam I  
4 More Kirit Pradip  
5 Dhiliban S  
6 Srujana J  
7 M Anverali  



Former Master's Students


Master's Students 2018
#NameEmail ID
1 Dipoo Kumar  
2 Ranjith R  
3 Pravin Kumar  
4 Phani Krishna  
5 Ravi Rajan Tiwari  
6 Fathima S  


Master's Students 2017
#NameEmail ID
1 Chirag S  
2 Gopakumar M P  
3 Mini V  
4 Neelima P  
5 Aniket S Raikwar  

Departments - Chemistry - People - Project Staff

#NameEmail IDDesignation
1 Farha S Jr. Project Fellow
2 Akhil Madhavan Sr. Research Fellow
3 Rohith B N Sr. Research Fellow
4 Athira K S Jr. Project Fellow