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  • 9:38 AM, Friday, 03 Dec 2021

ASTDC was created in September 2015 as a new technology cell in IIST to develop advanced technologies required by the various centres in ISRO for their current and future projects. In addition, ASTDC is also responsible for interacting with Indian and foreign universities for the design and development of experimental payloads and nanosatellites.


To enable IIST to be a world class research institution by actively participating in developing the advanced technology requirements of ISRO.


To enable IIST to attain its mission goals related to advanced technology research in space technology in collaboration with ISRO, with the following objectives:

  • Identification of new technologies for space missions related to launch vehicles, payloads and advanced satellite systems to be developed in consultation with all ISRO centres and SCL.
  • Incubate business ideas of IIST students that target aerospace technology applications that could potentially benefit ISRO and contribute towards the nation’s goals for improvement of life of the common man.
  • Carry out design, analysis, simulations, and other modelling based activities.
  • Develop prototypes in collaboration with industry and demonstrate performance of the prototype hardware and carry out qualification exercises in conjunction with ISRO centres.
  • Develop mathematical models to simulate the new technology.
  • Work with Indian and foreign universities to develop small experimental payloads and nanosatellites.
  • Develop space borne instruments based on COTS components in collaboration with Indian industry.
  • Participate in joint collaborations with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), USA.
Current IIST-ISRO Projects

IIST is currently engaged in carrying out the following research projects in collaboration with ISRO:

  • Laser Sheet Droplet Sizing for Spray Studies (VSSC).
  • Design and Development of Brushless DC Motor (VSSC).
  • Research and Development of an Integrated Enterprise Network Security System (VSSC).
  • Design and Development of High Performance Hydrogen Sensor (IPRC).
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Based RF Transistor (SAC).
  • Development of Tactile Sensor for Under Actuated Robotic Hand (VSSC).
  • Decoder for CCSDS Recommended Turbo Codes (VSSC).
  • Study of Switching Topologies and Control Schemes for isolated DC-DC Power Converters (VSSC).
  • Intrinsically conducting polyimide composites with CNT or graphene without compromising optical property (VSSC).
  • Development of carbon foam-CMC sandwich composites (VSSC).
  • Development and evaluation of alumina foams by emulsion casting (VSSC).
  • Silicon-graphene based composite as anode material for Lithium batteries (VSSC).
  • Detection of explosives using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (VSSC)
  • Study of Moon and Mars analogues: Investigations on orthopyroxene-olivine-spinel (OOS) group of minerals and cumulate rocks in India based on remote sensing, mineralogical and geochemical methods (SAC).
  • Potential impact of land use change on the regional climate of India subcontinent (NRSC).
  • Object based high resolution image analysis for land slide and land use, land cover classification.
  • Developing virtual reality model for disaster simulation.
  • Improving the operational weather forecast of NARL using hybrid ensemble variational data assimilation method for WRF model (NARL).
  • Space Technology and its Penetration into the Socio Economic Space of the Households of India (DECU).
  • Feedback Study on RCI Edusat Network of North, South and West Region (DECU).
  • Perspective study of Telemedicine Mobile Van Utilisation (DECU).
  • Comprehensive stationary plasma thruster diagnostics instrumentation (LPSC).
  • Mathematical modelling of stationary plasma thrusters (LPSC).
Other Research Projects

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