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  • 8:05 AM, Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020

Sl No. Name Email ID Research Area
1. Najeeb. P. K Atomic and Molecular Physics
2. Randeep. N. C Condensed Matter Theory
3. Reshmi . S Experimental condensed matter Physics.
4. Karthika. S Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.
5. Rahul O R Nonlinear Dynamics
6. Darshika Singh Optical imaging
7. Preetam Hazra Solid state nano electronics
8. Ameen Yasir P. A. Classical optics
9. Pramod Panchal Optical imaging and holography
10. Visheswar Rao Free form optics
11. Vinitha M.V Atomic and Molecular Physics
12. Soumya S Topological order in Condensed Matter Systems
13. Anupama S Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
14. Jagroop - Optical Metrology
15. Sonia Saini Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
16. Praveen Kumar K Solid State NMR
17. Surya Kumar Gautam Imaging with Low Coherent Souces
18. Rakesh Kumar .K Kaneriya Terahertz detector
19. Veena V S - Solid State NMR
20. Manu Mohan - Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
21. Dileep K Non linear Dynamics
22. Dayal G Physics of Memory devices
23. Anna Thomas Electronic applications of two dimensional materials
24. Vipin Kumar Prajapathi -  
25. Sajith V S Solid State NMR


Former Research Scholars
# Name Area of Research Year of Completion
1. Senthil Kumar M. Adaptive Optics 2014
2. Sanid C. Spintronix 2014
3. Preeti Manjari Mishra Atomic & Molecular Physics 2014
4. Haripadmam P.C Nonlinear Optics 2015
5. Richa Sharma Coherence & statistical optics 2015
6. M Srinivasa Raju Laser Plasma 2015
7. Rohith. M Nonlinear Dynamics of Quantum Systems 2016
8. Vinu R V Laser Speckle and its applications 2016