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  • 9:29 AM, Friday, 03 Dec 2021

Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Date Speaker Title Venue

Date Speaker Title Venue
24/03/2021 (Wednesday) 03:30 pm
24th March 2021, 15:30-16:30 hrs
Dr. C Gnanaseelan
Dr. C. Gnanaseelan is Scientist ‘G’ and Project Director at IITM, MoES.
Decadal Climate Variability, Predictability and Prediction
27/01/2021 (Wednesday) 03:30 pm
27th January 2021, 15:30-16:30 hrs
Dr. C M. Kishtawal
Dr. C.M. Kishtawal, former scientist and Group Director at Space Applications Centre.
Applications of Satellite Observations for Numerical Weather Prediction
15/01/2021 (Friday) 07:30 pm
15th January 2021, 19:30-20:30 hrs
Dr. K.Rajeev
Space Physics Laboratory (SPL), Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram
Tropical Clouds
07/01/2021 (Thursday) 03:30 pm
7th January 2021, 15:30-16:30 hrs
Dr. Ramakrishna Ramisetty
Research & Analytical Sales Manager for India for Particle Instruments Division of TSI Instruments India Private Limited
Atmospheric Aerosol Measurement Techniques – Challenges and Opportunities
16/12/2020 (Wednesday) 01:00 pm Dr. Duncan Axisa
Droplet Measurement Technologies, LLC, Colorado (USA)
New Particle Formation in the Mid-Latitude Upper Troposphere
25/11/2020 (Wednesday) 03:30 pm
25th November 2020, 15:30 – 16:30 hrs
Prof. S. Ramachandran
Space and Atmospheric Sciences Division Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
Atmospheric Aerosols
15/03/2019 (Friday) 03:00 pm Prof. Michael DeBecker
University of Liege
The investigation of particle-accelerating colliding-wind binaries: a multi-wavelength endeavour Lecture Hall C301, Science Block
01/08/2018 (Wednesday) 03:30 pm
Dr. Pushkar Kopparla
Caltech, USA
Clearly cloudy? New insights into exoplanets from polarimetry Seminar Hall, Aerospace Block (D4)
30/05/2018 (Wednesday) 04:00 am
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Prof. Jayaram Chengalur
National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (an institute affiliated to the TIFR)
Imaging Techniques in Radio Astronomy Science Block (D2), Room No. C305 (3rd Floor)
18/04/2018 (Wednesday) 04:15 pm Prof. Matthew Colless
Director of Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University
The Giant Magellan Telescope Lecture Hall 301 - D2
31/01/2018 (Wednesday) 03:30 am Dr. Henry Throop
NASA-funded Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute, Arizona, USA
Are We Alone in the Universe? Seminar Hall, D4
30/01/2018 (Tuesday) 03:30 am Dr. Henry Throop
NASA-funded Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute, Arizona, USA
NASA’s New Horizons Mission to Pluto and Beyond Seminar Hall, D4
21/09/2017 (Thursday) 03:00 pm Dr. Thomas Oommen
Associate Professor, Michigan Technological University, USA.
Theoretical Aspects of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Technology C201 D2 Building
25/08/2017 (Friday) 03:30 pm Paula Bengalia
enior Prof. at Inicio - Universidad Nacional de La
Massive stars with the GMRT Seminar Hall, D4
23/08/2017 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Paula Bengalia
Senior Prof. at Inicio - Universidad Nacional de La
A radio view of the Universe Seminar Hall, D4
09/05/2017 (Tuesday) 02:00 pm Dr. Deepak Jaiswal
Role of biofuel energy crops to displace fossil fuels C305
21/04/2017 (Friday) 03:15 pm Sonu Tabitha Paulson
Insights into Early Phases of High Mass Star Formation from 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers D2-C305
22/03/2017 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Dr Som Kumar Sharma
Associate Professor, Space & Atmospheric Sciences Div, Physical Research Laboratory
Earth’s Middle Atmospheric Climate Change: Lidar and Satellite perspectives C305-D2
02/03/2017 (Thursday) 02:00 pm Pranav Manangath
Working on his PhD thesis in the Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Western Ontario, Canada
Formation of substellar objects in a circumstellar disk C201
(next to ESS-HoD's office)
23/02/2017 (Thursday) 02:30 pm Dr. Murali Mohan
Adviser/Scientist-G Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS) and Big Data Initiatives (BDI) Divisions Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS) - R & D Perspectives Seminar Hall
23/02/2017 (Thursday) 01:30 pm Dr. M.Rajeevan
Secretary , Department of Earth Sciences, Govt of India
Monsoon forecasting in India Seminar Hall
21/11/2016 (Monday) 03:30 pm Dr V K Dadhwal
Director ,IIST
Enabling Smart cities through Geospatial Technologies Seminar hall, D4 building
05/10/2016 (Wednesday) 03:30 pm G Gopakumar
Research Scholar , IIST
Classification of Leukaemia cell lines C-305 , D2
12/08/2016 (Friday) 02:30 pm Dr V K Dadhwal
Director ,IIST
Challenges in Developing New Operational Remote Sensing Applications: NRSC Experiences Seminar hall, D4 building
04/05/2016 (Wednesday) 02:00 pm Dr. C. Venkateswara Rao
Group Head, Data Processing Division, Nationa; Remote Sensing Centre, Dept. of Space, Hyderabad.
Image Fusion Advance Methods and Applications C305-D2
23/03/2016 (Wednesday) 03:30 pm Prof. Prajval Shastri
Accreting Supermassive Black Holes, Relativistically Beamed Jets & the Blazar Divide C305-D2
(class room opposite to Astronomy lab)
24/02/2016 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm K Arun Prasad
Research Scholar
Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences
Discrimination of closely related Mangrove Species using Laboratory Spectral Signatures C305 - D2
12/02/2016 (Friday) 04:00 pm Dr. Seetha
Seminar D4, seminar hall
20/01/2016 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm M Dhanya
Research Scholar
Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences
Improved Rainfall Simulation by Assimilating Oceansat-2 Surface Winds Using Ensemble Kalman Filter for a Heavy Rainfall Event over South India C305 - D2
04/11/2015 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Jagadheep D
Nobel Prize in Physics, 2015 D4, Seminar Hall
28/10/2015 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Ambili K M
Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences
On the origin of ionosphere at Moon Seminar Hall
16/10/2015 (Friday) 03:00 pm Vinoj V
IIT, Bhubaneswar
Assistant professor
Atmospheric Aerosols and the Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Seminar Hall
07/10/2015 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Samir Mandal
Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences
ASTROSAT: India's first fully dedicated astronomy satellite Seminar Hall
15/05/2015 (Friday) 02:30 pm Dr. Senthil Kumar
Director - Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehra Dun
Data Quality Assurance of Remote Sensing data products Seminar Hall
D4 Building
27/02/2015 (Friday) 03:30 pm Dr. Arabindo Roy
CEA, Saclay (France)
Lessons learnt from Herschel Gould Belt Survey observations Smart Class Room (C106) - D4
26/11/2014 (Wednesday) 10:00 am Dr. John C Mathew
MG University, Kottayam
Applications of Geospatial tools in Environmental Sciences Council Room - D4
09/09/2014 (Tuesday) 03:00 pm Prof. Jean Surdej
Institute of Astrophysics and Geophysics, University of Liège
Observing multiply imaged quasars with the 4m International Liquid Mirror Telescope Seminar Hall D4
03/09/2014 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Mr. P Shashidhar Reddy
Scientist, NRSC Hyderabad
Virtual Reality applications to Remote Sensing VR Lab - D4
03/09/2014 (Wednesday) 02:00 pm Dr. Tapas Ranjan Martha
Scientist, NRSC Hyderabad
Object Based Image Analysis applications to Remote Sensing VR Lab - D4
14/08/2014 (Thursday) 12:00 pm Dr. P G Diwakar
Deputy Director, Remote sensing Applications, NRSC, Hyderabad
Remote Sensing Day, 2014: Lecture on Earth Observation Satellites and Applications Seminar Hall – D4
23/07/2014 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Kaustubh Vaghmare
Inter University Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Pune
What Can Images Tell Us About Galaxies? C106 - D4
06/05/2014 (Tuesday) 03:30 pm Prof. T. R. Seshadri
Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Delhi
CMB Polarization and the Bicep2 Results Conference Room - D4
16/04/2014 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm Prof. Avinash Deshpande
RRI, Bangalore
Fascinating life stories of pulsars Seminar Hall D4
21/02/2014 (Friday) 01:15 pm Prof T.N. Krishnamurti
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Florida University
A Monsoonal link to the rapid Arctic ice melt Seminar Hall – D4
29/01/2014 (Wednesday) 03:30 pm Dr. Ashish Mahabal
Sr. Research Scientist, California Institute of Technology, USA
What you can do for astronomy? C106 - D4
20/08/2013 (Tuesday) 09:30 am Dr. R. R. Navalgund
Former Director -SAC, Vikram Sarabhai Distinguished Professor – ISRO HQ
Indian Remote Sensing Programme: A Saga of 25 year D4
12/06/2013 (Wednesday) 12:00 pm Dr. S G Rajeev
University of Rochester
Mathematical Astronomy in Medieval Kerala C106 - D4
Date Topic / Theme
08/12/2021 - 18/12/2021 IIST Astronomy and Astrophysics School-2021

Date Topic / Theme
18/12/2020 - 28/12/2020 IIST Astronomy and Astrophysics School-2020
04/12/2019 - 13/12/2019 IIST Astronomy and Astrophysics School-2019
04/12/2019 - 06/12/2019 SatelliTe OceanogRaphy and Meteorology School
12/06/2019 - 14/06/2019 Geosmart 2019 - Three Days Orientation Workshop on Geospatial Technologies for Decision Makers
10/12/2018 - 19/12/2018 IIST Astronomy and Astrophysics School-2018
11/06/2018 - 14/06/2018 GeoConnect 2018
10/12/2017 - 19/12/2017 12th Astronomy Olympiad Nurture Camp
06/12/2017 - 15/12/2017 IIST Astronomy and Astrophysics School-2017
12/10/2017 - 12/10/2017 3DPCM : LiDAR point cloud processing with LAStools
28/09/2017 - 28/09/2017 One day workshop on Remote Sensing Applications in collaboration with ISRS and ISG Trivandrum chapter
12/06/2017 - 16/06/2017 GeoConnect 2017
05/06/2017 - 07/06/2017 RETCO - III
07/12/2016 - 16/12/2016 IIST Astronomy and Astrophysics School-2016
05/12/2016 - 07/12/2016 Star and Planet Formation: Insights and Intricacies
04/07/2016 - 08/07/2016 GeoConnect2016
16/03/2016 - 17/03/2016 Space - Time Symphony
07/12/2015 - 16/12/2015 IIST Astronomy and Astrophysics School-2015
15/06/2015 - 19/06/2015 Summer School on Geospatial Technologies
11/06/2015 - 13/06/2015 TMT-India Science and Instrumentation Workshop
10/12/2014 - 19/12/2014 IIST Astronomy & Astrophyics School
09/11/2014 - 09/11/2014 Phase II - GIS training Programme IIST - ESRI NIIT India 2013
07/11/2014 - 08/11/2014 Workshop on Open source WebGIS and BHUVAN
24/07/2014 - 25/07/2014 Python Programing Workshop
07/07/2014 - 07/07/2014 Ensemble Kalman Filtering and its Application – Respource person: Prof. S. Lakshmivarahan , University of Oklahoma
22/01/2014 - 22/01/2014 Workshop on Compressive sensing (ESS and Avionics) - Resource person: Dr. Prasad Sudhakar, Institute and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics, Catholique University of Louvain Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.
02/12/2013 - 11/12/2013 IIST Astronomy & Astrophysics School
11/08/2013 - 13/08/2013 Phase I - GIS training Programme IIST - ESRI NIIT India 2013