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  • 8:29 AM, Friday, 03 Dec 2021



IIST has built up infrastructure and resources in computing, networking and information systems to cater to the academic requirements of students and members of faculty.


Computers are installed and maintained in all academic departments and offices of the institute, while workstations installed with various scientific and engineering software are maintained in the laboratories and other networked computer facilities in the academic, hostel and library blocks



Networking Infrastructure of the campus rests on an OFC backbone interlinking core-switches and distribution switches of various buildings and blocks. Network services are made available to all academic and administrative offices and facilities through more than 280 network equipments monitored and maintained on a round-the-clock basis. Wireless Network services are made available on a roaming basis for seamless access to network services from anywhere in the academic or residential campus. Students are permitted use of BYOD Wireless Laptop and Tablet computers in all buildings inside the campus.


High Performance Computing (HPC) Infrastructure in the institute consists of a 3TFLOPS Intel cluster maintained as a common facility and made available to students attached to the campus network. Resident scholars have been facilitated round-the-clock physical-access to the work-stations in the HPC facility controlled through biometric access systems.





Internet Services using 1000Mbps link from National Knowledge Network (NKN) of the MHRD, Government of India, have been made available round-the-clock at all offices and academic and residential locations in the campus.


Server Infrastructure in the institute consists of several multi-processor servers and virtual servers catering to the need to host new academic and scientific software and web portals. These host several web services and information systems for management of routine administrative functions and also academic functions like admissions, courses and exams.


Information Systems include various software applications developed and maintained by the Software Support Group. Web Services include management of the official website eMail services are offered to all individual members of the staff, faculty and students.


Multimedia, Audiovisual and Satellite Communication Facilities are maintained to support conduct of lectures, presentations and conferences in classrooms, seminar halls and conference rooms.


The institute is linked through video-conferencing networks to various ISRO centres and other universities and research institutions in India and abroad.





Identity, Access Control and Surveillance Network Systems have been established to facilitate round-the-clock access to various laboratories and facilities, and enhance security in the campus.


Computer Systems Group operates and maintains the computer systems, networks and IT Services in IIST. While CSG undertakes on-sites services to ensure uptime and 24x7 availability of service to students, staff and faculty in the campus, the Software Support Group undertakes development and maintenance of various software applications needed for administration


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