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  • 3:23 PM, Monday, 17 Jan 2022

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code PH633
Subject Title Solid State Technology Lab I

  1. X-rays: X-ray diffraction: estimation of crystallographic parameters, X-ray fluorescence: elemental identification of given samples (9 hours)
  2. Optical absorption spectra of materials, estimation of (direct / indirect) band-gap (6 hours)
  3. Hall effect: estimation of carrier concentration, Hall voltage and carrier mobility (9 hours).
  4. Zeeman effect (6 hours)
  5. Temperature-dependent current measurements: estimation of activation energy (6 hours)
  6. Raman spectrometer: stokes and anti-stokes lines (6 hours)
  7. Rydberg constant: hydrogen spectrum – different series (6 hours)
  8. Curie temperature of a ferrite: Inductance technique (9 hours)
  9. Magnetic susceptibility measurement using Quincke's Method (6 hours)
  10. Electrical conductivity by two and four probe method of semi conducting crystals (6 hours)
  11. Band gap studies of LEDs using Newton’s rings method (6 hours)
  12. Vacuum techniques (6 hours)
  13. Virtual Instrumentation (6 hours)
  14. NMR spectroscopy of selected materials (9 hours)
  15. ESR Spectroscopy of selected materials (9 hours).
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