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  • 3:38 PM, Monday, 17 Jan 2022

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code PH625
Subject Title Solid State Physics II


1. Physics at low temperature: production and measurement at ultra-low temperatures. Hecryostats, adiabatic and nuclear demagnetization, dilution refrigerators, Pomeranchuk effect, physical properties of materials at low temperatures. Electrical transport, thermal,mechanical, optical and magnetic properties. Bose-Einstein condensates, BEC in ultra-coldatomic gases. Superfluidity: superfluid 4He, classical and quantum fluids, macroscopic wavefunction, superfluid properties of He-II, flow quantization and vortices, the momentum distribution, quasi-particle excitations. Second sound. Superfluid 3He.

2. Superconductivity Occurrence of superconductivity, Meissner effect; heat capacity, energy gap, isotop effect. Type-I and type-II superconductors; London equation, BCS theory; Josephson effect. Macroscopic quantum interference: SQUID, High-Tc superconductors.

3. Physics at low-dimensions: quantum confinement in nano-dimensions, break-junction experiments; quantum conductance. Quantum Hall effect, Coulomb blockade phenomenon, physical properties of quantum confined materials: electrical and optical properties, applications. Nanowires: charge transport through one-dimensional structures: ballistic transport in Carbon Nano Tubes. Quantum wells and 2DEG (2 dimensional electron gas), band-structure and electronic properties of graphene.

4. Introduction to Spectroscopic techniques in solid-state technology: Simple and time-correlated Photoluminescence Spectroscopy: applications in semiconductor technology. Absorption spectroscopy: Tauc plots, applications Raman and Brillouin Spectroscopy: applications in thin film technology and molecular identification, ESR and NMR spectroscopy, Dielectric spectroscopy: applications in advanced devices, impedance spectroscopy: resistive behavior of grains and grain boundaries, charge transfer resistance.

Text Books

Same as Reference


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